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Looking Ahead to 2022 - Budget Season with ITR Economics!

Looking Ahead to 2022 - Budget Season! 

with ITR Economics 
As one year ends and another begins, we strive to keep our members updated with the most up to date, exclusive information as possible! We have now teamed up with ITR Economics to provide you with monthly information to help guide you with budgeting, labor management, and skills to help maintain a healthy work environment! 
ITR has a team professionals seasoned to prepare you with monthly newsletters, live webinars, and  opportunities for continuing education credits as well! 
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Looking Ahead to 2022 - Budget Season


In this article you will find information on the following topics: 

  • What will stay: A tight Labor Market 

  • What will change: Pricing Inventory Management 

  • What to avoid: Investments that Won't Drive Revenue Growth or Lower Your costs 

  • What to do: Look for New Markets & Launch New Products 


Be on the lookout for information on a LIVE webinar with ITR Economics as they give you an Insider on the most accurate economic data to mitigate their companies’ risk and make the most profitable decisions.
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